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Specialty Chemical Products
MFCT-316 is an alkaline solution that is used with ultrasonic agitation to selectively remove PWA 996 nickel brazing filler metal from Type 410 Stainless Steel base material and, AMS 4777 brazing filler metal from Inconel® X-750 base material. The process is designed to remove these brazing alloys from stator vane and shroud assemblies in accordance with the Pratt & Whitney Standard Practices Manual in SPOP-316 as SPS 118 and SPMC 118.
CHEM-STRIP 4903®Chem-Strip 4903 is an acidic, chemical immersion stripping process for removing plasma and HVOF applied tungsten carbide coating from steel, stainless steel, titanium, and nickel base alloys.
DEOX U-567®
DEOX U-567®Alkaline liquid cleaner for use with ultrasonic equipment for removing carbonaceous compounds("coking"), lubricants, oils, heat scale, rust, and oxides from ferrous metals, nickel, and cobalt base alloys. DEOX U-567 can also be used to clean copper, copper alloys,  titanium alloys, and magnesium.
DEOX U-567 is a blend of detergents, dispersants, de-flocculants, and emulsifiers capable of penetrating into blind holes and closely mated surfaces to rapidly and effectively clean all surfaces. DEOX U-567 has excellent rinsing properties even in cold water. DEOX U-567 does not contain any cyanide compounds, phosphates, and silicates. DEOX U-567 is supplied as a "Ready to Use" liquid for ease of handling and make-up.
Dissapaint 593-L is an acid activated, organic liquid product that is used full strength to remove various types of primer and paint systems such as enamel, epoxy, and, urethane from aluminum alloys, magnesium, steel, stainless steel, and titanium. Dissapaint 593-L does not contain any halogenated solvents, peroxide, or phenol. Dissapaint 593-L is non-flammable and does not emit any irritating fumes or odor.
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