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A Virtual Alliance of Independent Engineering and Technical Specialists Who Provide Valuable Products and Services to the Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, and Metal Finishing (Plating) Industries​

Regarding Integral Process Technologies, LLC

IPT with 35 years of experience in surface finishing technologies can provide value-added products and services to the aerospace, automotive, medical, and metal finishing (plating) industries who seek to improve process and production operations.

IPT works directly with captive facilities and job shops in these industries to assess, plan, design, implement, and support their needs for new applications as well as for continuous improvements.IPT starts by examining our clients’ goals along with their existing or planned processes and/or products.

IPT can then provide project specific expertise by integrating innovative process and product technologies to achieve optimum performance and quality, for cost effective results.
Mission Statement

IPT is committed to supplying products and services that consistently meet or exceed the requirements of our clients.

IPT is dedicated to providing continual technical support of our products and services to sustain the needs of our clients.

IPT is resolute to ensure integrity and trust are incorporated into every aspect of our business relationship with our clients
Process analyses; environmental assurance; FAA Part 145 repair station; planning, design and fabrication; programmable logic process solution controls; specialty (environmentally benign) chemical  products and technical training. . . READ MORE
Abrasive blasting, anodic treatment of aluminum, anodic treatment of titanium, chemical cleaning, chemical stripping, plating (electroless), plating (electrodeposition), pretreatment . . .  READ MORE
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